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learn2Juggle is geared for Elementary and Middle School Grades K-8.

For the learn2Juggle workshops in Elementary and Middle Schools,
we bring a sound system with wireless mics, and 300 plus Juggling Balls, enough for 100 plus children.
We also bring Scarves and Rings, and 50 Juggling Clubs that we use in our Balancing Workshop.

animated juggler

Our Mission is to
(1) Teach your Students how to Juggle.
(2) Teach your PE and Classroom Teachers how to Juggle.
(3) Teach your PE teachers how to Teach 3 Ball Juggling.
(4) If time permits, teach students and staff how to Balance Objects.
(5) Show the PE teachers how to set up a Juggling Curriculum at their school.
(6) Present an in school assembly performance that will further encourage and excite school wide Juggling at your school.
(7) Present an evening performance which could be a FundRaiser for the school, the PE dept., and the Juggling program.

B-K at KLS Passing Rings

At every workshop Bounce and Karen Grant-Margil demonstrate Ball Juggling, Ring Juggling and Passing,
Club Juggling and Passing, and then they pass Clubs on a Unicycle and Rola Bola.
The demonstration shows the progression once you learn 3 ball juggling.

animated juggler

We believe that Juggling is as essential a teaching subject as any other physical activity in Elementary School Physical Education.

• Success in every sport depends on good hand eye coordination •

Juggling is all about control, concentration and discipline.
You must control your throws, and control where your eyes look and where you catch the ball.
You are always Problem Solving learning to Juggle and in learning the more advanced Juggling tricks.
Students love the Juggling classes because everyone is involved, and everyone learns and progresses at their own pace.
Practice makes perfect.

Everyone is introduced to our techniques for teaching 3 Ball Juggling, and even if they do not have enough time
to learn themselves, they listen, observe and understand the focusing and concentrating steps that are needed
to learn 1 Ball, 2 Ball and then 3 Ball Juggling. Everyone can learn to Juggle with practice.
learn2Juggle breaks down Juggling to its most basic level, and everyone can become a teacher of Juggling.

Sugarloaf BounceandOoolala teaching

Karen Grant-Margil teaching the timing and throw locations of 2 ball Juggling.

animated juggler

When we visit schools to teach our learn2Juggle program, we observe far too many children
(even in the upper elementary grades) that are developmentally unable to throw, track and catch even one ball.

As a result many of these students dislike PE classes, shy away from competitive sport particiption, and may forever dislike sport.
Juggling is a non competitive sport that will help improve their motor coordination ability and confidence.
There is no better physical and mental activity than Juggling that will prepare students to be better athletes.


We always begin our classes teaching with one ball and then we progress to two, then three balls.
For the younger kids we also give them the opportunity to work with scarves.
Learning to follow the paths of thrown objects is essential for eye tracking in Juggling.
Scarves slow this action down. Eye tracking aids reading and writing development.


Balancing is all about focusing and concentrating on the object.
Students enjoy this activity and gain self confidence because they can learn to Balance quickly.


Our learn2Juggle program is coordinated with the PE teachers and/or Principals/VicePrincipals.
This program will teach all the PE classes (time permitting) at your school.
Our program includes teaching the Kindergarten students. Ball tossing must begin at the early ages.
Since all schools vary by size, different amounts of time will be spent at each school which does reflect upon the costs to complete each school.
Coming from Key West, we have more travel and transportation costs going up the upper and middle Keys or to different areas of Florida.

animated juggler


For most classes at each school, learn2Juggle will have Performance Evaluation Forms for administrators, teachers
and students to fill out. These evaluations will help our program understand what are our teaching strengths and weaknesses.
and help us make changes and improvements to our program.

These sheets also give feedback of our program to the Financial Sponsors.

animated juggler

Digital Recording

We use digital photography to record students Juggling progress, as well as we use Digital Video and Digital Photography
for instant feedback to students on their hands, eyes and body positions while learning to Juggle.

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For more info contact:


P O Box 5885 • Key West, FL • 33045 • Tel 305-294-6379
www.LearntoJuggleToday.com • Learn2Juggle@bellsouth.net