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learn2Juggle offers 3 different programs for Colleges and Universities.

orientation and studentactivites
Back to school for returning students and especially for new freshman students can be a
stressful and awkward time for meeting other students.

Ourlearn2Juggleprogram is a great social interaction Icebreaker for new students,
and for everyone on campus who wants to learn how to Juggle. It is a fun activity.

We bring lots of Juggling equipment, do a few short performances demonstrating our Juggling skills
and will start a juggling Movement on your campus.
We can do a NOONER 45 minute Performance, (we have done over 1000 college performances at Bounce and Ooo La La ( www.BounceandOoolala.com ))
and afterwards have a Hands On Juggling Workshop.


One of learn2Juggle main goals is to teach Physical Education Majors who intend to teach PE
at the Elementary and Middle school levels How to Juggle, and to Teach them How to Teach Juggling.
Juggling is as essential a teaching subject as any other activity in Physical Education.
Unfortunately, most PE teachers do not know how to Juggle nor do they know how to teach Juggling.

And from our encounters with PE teachers , if the PE teachers do know how to Juggle basic 3 balls,
they do NOT know where or what to do next .
Our mission is to change that.

From years of observation when teaching in Elementary and Middle schools, we see far too many children
(even in the upper elementary grades) that are unable to throw, track and catch even one ball in the opposite hand.
As a result they dislike PE classes, shy away from competitive sport particiption and may forever dislike sport.
Juggling can help improve their coordination ability and confidence and Juggling is non competitive and fun.

Our system breaks down Juggling to its most basic level, and everyone can become a teacher of Juggling.

Success in every sport depends on good hand eye coordination, and there is no better physical and mental activity
that will prepare students to be better athletes than learning to Juggle.

All PE Majors should be Required to Know to Juggle, and Know How to Teach Juggling.

We can make that happen at your school!

How about a Weekend Intensive Juggling Course! This course will make a difference to your PE majors and their future.

We guarantee it.


Versatility for actors is a formula for success on stage.
Not only must they know how to act but they also need to sing, dance and be physically co-ordinated.

Theatre students have always been intrigued with the Circus Arts because
Juggling is a physical, mental and theatrical activity.
Jugglers are traditionally the most successful of all street theatre artists.

Everyone in the theatre class will be introduced to our techniques for teaching 3 Ball Juggling,
Our system breaks down Juggling to its most basic level, and everyone can become a teacher of Juggling.

Learning to Juggle is a exciting process of Discovery.

animated juggler

For more info contact:


P O Box 5885 • Key West, FL • 33045 • Tel 305-294-6379
www.LearntoJuggleToday.com • Learn2Juggle@bellsouth.net